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A Heritage Building

25 Waterloo Avenue is one of Guelph’s beautiful heritage buildings.

Beaver Hall at 25 Waterloo Avenue was built in 1862-64 for Dr. Thomas S. Parker. It's L-shaped plan, bracketed eaves, and carved stone lintels on its windows and doorways are typical of the late Italianate style. Dr. Parker, Mayor of Guelph in 1861, was a popular physician in the area until he met a tragic death while walking home through a storm after attending a patient in Rockwood.

A.B. Petrie was Beaver Hall’s next occupant. Its last use as a residence was as the home of Douglas Mitchell and his wife Helen, great-granddaughter of John Galt.

Since then, it has served as a funeral home, later a real-estate office and now home to Juice Inc., Dialectic Solutions, Tag Digital Studios and Pollinate.

Thanks to the Altar and Hearth in Victorian Guelph, published by the Guelph Arts Council, 1994.

Photograph (top) appears courtesy of the Guelph Public Library Archives C25-0-217, 25 Waterloo (north side), 1969

Photograph (bottom) courtesy of Rachel Glen Photography