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Juice Inc.

For well more than a decade, Juice Inc. has been changing the way businesses operate through training in employee engagement, conversation, innovation and leadership.

By focusing on creating “intelligent energy” in the workplace, Juice Inc. has helped countless organizations create refreshing cultures where it feels good to work, and is easier to get results.



Dialectic creates immersive e-learning, organizational change and customer engagement experiences – powered by science and smart multimedia design – to solve business problems and elevate performance. We work closely with you to illuminate your core challenges and design an ideal solution, based on our expertise in behavioural science, psychology, education and creative media arts, so you can work smarter and achieve more every day.


Tag Digital Studios

Tag Digital Studios is a web development agency focused on custom digital product development without all the stress. Our team delivers right-sized solutions that work. We believe in hard work and strong coffee. 

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Pollinate is the smart, simple way to transfer knowledge and build organizational effectiveness.

Pollinate is a software platform that helps companies deploy strategic initiatives to reach performance goals. Pollinate features a smart algorithm-powered mentoring system; a flexible and user-friendly content sharing environment for learning and knowledge transfer; and robust measurement and reporting capabilities to track results.